when you’re lying and ur bestfriends backs u up





Royal flames will carve the path in chaos
Bringing daylight to the night…

"Yes... Hysteria was her name I believe. The Channeler. I wanted to come by and offer my condolences on the disappearance. I know all too well that isn't easy to handle." She offered a small bow and then stood straight again.


"Hysta….." The harpie murmured rather quietly as that was a private name she had used for that harpie and didn’t want it said to loudly. "I thank you for your kind words, but things will press on… as that is just something that happens I am afraid… but how is it you know how it feels? please pardon my curiosity but I was under the impression you had a mate…though I could be wrong…"

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"I do have a mate, yes. A wonderful one that only very few will get to know as deeply as I do. However it is not my mate whom I speak of. There was a time where my master was abducted and I was not allowed to intervene otherwise her attacker would have ended her life on the spot. She was tortured and lost an extensive amount of blood.

At one point her heart stopped and I thought I had lost her. However my mate, Chaos, managed to free Valkyria and myself and the three of us brought my master back. Although I did not lose her for good, what little time she was actually gone was a living nightmare. I felt nothing but sheer terror and anger.”

Silent explained this carefully, picking and choosing her words that would best describe the horrific incident that took place around a year ago.